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Dynamic…unique…admired…learn more about Edward O. Lund, the extraordinary man who embraced art and life to the point of tears.

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Edward O. Lund Foundation

The Edward O. Lund Foundation was created to honor the work and life of Edward Lund by providing art scholarships, grants and awards, as well as organizing community events that celebrate the life that Ed lived.


Edward O. Lund Foundation Scholarships are designed to assist undergraduate and graduate students of art and design who are pursuing degrees in Studio Art, Art History, Graphic Design, Interior Design or the Single Subject Art Credential Program at CSU–Fresno through study abroad.

Edward O. Lund Foundation


The Hammer Road Rally

Saturday, October 21, 2023

A Scotch, Brew & Art Affair

Sunday, October 22, 2023




Edward O. Lund Foundation


“I am so honored to have been chosen as an Ed Lund Scholar and to have had the opportunity to study art abroad. I would like to personally thank all of the board members and those that donate to the Edward O. Lund Foundation year-round for not only making it possible for myself to have had this extraordinary experience, but for future scholars as well.

Looking back at the London Program almost two years later, I am reminded of how validated I felt in being recognized and chosen, how inspired I was when we immersed ourselves in the countless museums and history of London, and how I came back home with an intense desire to create and start my journey in teaching art. The kindness I experienced during the trip from the Lund family, board members, and fellow students validated my faith in humanity (a feeling that is important to hold on to during these unprecedented times).

The London Program will forever live in my memory as one of the most exciting and surreal experiences of my life, much to the dismay of my future art students who will never hear the end of it.”


“It is very difficult for me to describe how grateful I am to the Edward O. Lund Foundation. The scholarship awarded to me changed my life completely.

In London I was submerged into a culture with great diversity and full of amazing works of art.  Returning back home I could feel the confidence within myself growing. The paintings I was producing were fearless, I was pushing the boundaries not limiting myself to what I could do. I could now truly call myself an artist.

Thank you to everyone that made this possible, not just for me but for those before me and the ones that will come after.

It was truly a life changing experience.  Thank you.”


“Art has saved me and given me a voice when I struggled to find my own words. Sharing this experience with like-minded people who value art as much as I do was such a rich experience. All the scholars fed off each other in ways that stimulated immense growth, from sharing ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds, all while sharing this life experience. There will never be anything like it.

My passion for art has grown, and my love for connecting and sharing this passion with others has also increased. I think so many of us sometimes struggle to believe in ourselves and believe that we can achieve our greatest dreams. Receiving the Edward O. Lund Scholarship has taught me to keep going even if I’m afraid at times of failure or change.

I’m someone who came back to school later in life. I never thought I would have these opportunities to study abroad, experience living with other students, and share this commonality of experiencing London with fresh eyes with one another. Becoming a Lund scholar has shown me that I can do scary things, that people believe in me, and that I am worthy. They saw something in me, and I now see it too.”


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