A Lund Scholar’s Guide to London: Shirin Guthier

Shirin Guthier, 2019 Lund Scholar and Thomas Jefferson Middle School Art Instructor, shares her personal picks for a memorable London trek

1. Taste your way through the Borough Market. A five-minute walk from London Bridge, this sprawling food bazaar has operated since the Middle Ages and offers more than 100 stalls of farm-to-plate produce and meats, fresh seafood and artisanal treats. The food is amazing!

2. Visit The National Gallery, the UK’s national collection of Western Art. Explore more than 2,300 paintings spanning from the mid-1200s to 1900 –– free to the public! Going there with the Fresno State Art and Empire London Program taught me to look at art through multiple perspectives.

3. Take a break in Hyde Park. Grab a cup of coffee and unwind in 350 acres of rolling lawns, public art and probably a political demonstration or real-life London soapbox rant. Take along your sketchbook or notebook, then swing by a nearby pub to grab a pint and reflect on your experiences.

4. Go on a hunt to find as many Banksy art pieces as you can. The (in)famous satirical street artist hit the scene from Bristol in the 1990s and still occasionally tags London streets. This can take you to some pretty sketchy places, so use common sense and be safe—we had fun times!

5. Walk along the River Thames and enjoy the vibrant life around you. During my London Program trip, we were constantly on the go – which was great – but never had time to slow down and look around. When I returned to London this Spring, I made sure to redo that part of the trip. I took a simple walk along the Thames and just enjoyed views of the city.

6. I wholeheartedly believe every London visitor needs to experience the Full English Breakfast, a hearty day-starter traditionally including eggs, bacon, sausages, blood pudding, baked beans, roasted tomatoes and toast spread thick with butter and jam.

Shirin Guthier graduated from Fresno State in 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art. She now teaches at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Fresno, “working hard to inspire the next generation of artists!” She credits her study abroad with inspiring new perspectives and a love of travel.

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A Lund Scholar’s Guide to London: Shirin Guthier

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