A Lund Scholar’s Guide to London: Tony Xiong

2022 Lund Scholar Tony Xiong shares personal picks for a memorable visit

1. A remarkable aspect of London is its abundance of free public museums. Visit the National, British, Victoria & Albert, Natural History, Portrait Gallery – the list goes on. The sheer volume of knowledge and master works accessible to all is nothing short of fascinating.

2. Check out the Dulwich Picture Gallery, endowed by an Elizabethan actor and housed in spaces designed by Sir John Soane. I saw an exhibit of work by M.K. Čiurlionis, who intertwined music with painting to exude a celestial, magical quality. It ignited a desire to give my own artistic endeavors greater purpose.

3. Venture into a charming pub and enjoy its distinctive character. The cuisine is a delight in the company of good friends. I’d eagerly revisit The Nags Head in Covent Garden. It’s a trove of memories made from the creative camaraderie of sketching with mates and savoring our beloved cider libation, Strongbow.

4. Indulge in afternoon tea. Go traditional for a light bite in the afternoon or try an elaborate high tea that serves as lunch. My time in London was a whirlwind, so I still long for this pleasure.

5. Enjoy the lack of celebrity culture. In London, it was evident that the celebrities are the Royals and people prioritize their own lives and connections over celebrity drama. Instead…

6. People watch in Bath. It became a favorite pastime. Each person seemed to inhabit an enchanting world wrapped in the tranquility of the picturesque. The charm was captivating, a scenic ride through rolling hills and lush landscapes. I have a penchant for romanticizing and Bath seemed to embody that ideal.

7. Go out for a stroll. I’m not much of a walker but London is fun to traverse on foot. If you need an excuse, take a walking tour.

Tony graduated from Fresno State with a BFA in Graphic Design and Fine Arts in Spring 2023. He is a graphic designer and illustrator who enjoys making graphic novels, inspiring other artists and catching up with fellow Lund Scholars.

>> View Tony’s work at starshader.art

Photo of 2022 Lund Scholar Tony Xiong

A Lund Scholar’s Guide to London: Tony Xiong

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