Dream Bigger: Forever Lund Scholar Angel Lesnikowski

Dream Bigger: 2022 Lund Scholar Angel Lesnikowski

After my study abroad trip to London, the biggest change was the idea of just getting on a plane and going.

I never realized how big the world is and how easy it is to go anywhere I want to go. Especially in pursuit of art. Now, my goal is always to travel for the sake of art and for the sake of growing as a human being.  

As for studying abroad, I now have a higher standard for making art. The contemporary art that we saw in London was very inspiring. There were a few exhibits that were great at archiving information on war. My art has to do with the sad topic of war and I was really able to focus on my research. In the museums, I felt surrounded by art and artists. I want to achieve that level one day. It pushed me to make better-completed pieces and make all I do for the sake of art.

Photo of 2022 Lund Scholar Sarah Muller

Angel Lesnikowski in London, 2022

The family I made while studying abroad was also important. In London, I would unwind by sitting in the kitchen of our flat with some good friends and sketching or making art. London can be overwhelming. Hiding in our flat in our PJs felt great after being overloaded with art. We still make our memories feel fresh to this day, since we all still get together to reminisce. I also feel a lot closer to the professors who have mentored me my whole college career.  

It’s thanks to the scholarship that I am this passionate and motivated to be an artist, and to change the world.

"Three Vultures" by Angel Lesnikowski, 2023

“Three Vultures”, Angel Lesnikowski, 2023

Now, I’m the curatorial intern for the Fresno Art Museum. I had a group show in November, another in December and a solo show in January at UC Merced. I advanced to candidacy at Fresno State last semester and will have a thesis show in Fall 2024. After that, I graduate with my master’s degree in art. In 2025, I plan to attend an art course in Berlin.

If I wasn’t awarded the Lund Scholarship, I would be a different person and a different artist. I’m sure my world would be a lot smaller and the idea of art would be less inspiring. My goals wouldn’t be as big as they are today.

Thank you for making me feel worth sending to London!

Angel Lesnikowski is a student in the Fresno State graduate art program and intern with the Fresno Art Museum. She received the Lund Scholarship in 2022 and expects to graduate in 2024.

>> View more of Angel’s art at angellesnikowski.com

Dream Bigger: Forever Lund Scholar Angel Lesnikowski

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