Life Lessons: Study abroad teaches more than art and history

2022 Lund Scholar Sarah Muller looks back on her study abroad experience in London

At the British Museum during my study abroad last year, Lisa Lund-Brown said, “Traveling is easy” and it changed my perspective.

I noticed that, in life, we tend to make excuses for things we do and do not want to do. On our long weekend, I went to Florence. A sign in a small café read, “Life is simple, but not easy.” This phrase also stuck with me, as dreams of travel that had seemed impossible were happening right beneath my feet.

Photo of 2022 Lund Scholar Sarah Muller

I applied for the Lund Scholarship with the mindset that I was going into it alone. I felt like I was abandoning my beloved cat and boyfriend to live and breathe art for three weeks. I have a happy-go-lucky personality and tend to be friendly but I struggle to form deep and meaningful connections. My entire experience studying abroad broadened my horizons. Surrounded by creatively driven individuals with infinite love and support to give, I felt the wall I hold up in front of myself mentally, emotionally and artistically come down.

Without the scholarship, my mind and heart wouldn’t have opened to the infinite world of possibilities. Instead, I’ve realized I’m capable of anything, and never truly on my own.

Image of Through the Porthole painting by Sarah Muller

I came out of the experience with friends and cherished memories for life. I felt connected with my instructors, the Foundation, Lund Scholars and other students. I hope everyone realizes how much they touched my heart and made an impact on my life creatively.

Sarah is a Fresno State Design student. Since studying abroad last year, she’s become president of the Fresno State Graphic Design Club and been promoted to Senior Graphic Designer for Student Involvement & Student Unions. She also traveled to Japan – and got engaged. She graduates next Spring.

Life Lessons: Study abroad teaches more than art and history

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