Never Stop Taking Risks: Forever Lund Scholar Mariah Alvarez’s Next Adventure is to Teach Tomorrow’s Artists

Lund Scholar Mariah Alvarez (2022-23)

My study abroad in London enlightened me on the importance of education, especially art education.

During our walks to the Sattchi Gallery, Tate, or Victoria and Albert, and visits to historical museums, I loved seeing the differences in American and British educational cultures. I’d listen to teachers telling children as young as seven years old about the art and history.
As a future art educator, observing them made me think about how I could provide students with a similar experience here in the Central Valley, or anywhere. It influenced me to plan for travel once I get a class of my own, and to always make an effort to help students experience art outside the classroom.

Photo of 2022 Lund Scholar Sarah Muller

Mariah in London, 2023. Photo: Jose Soria

It also inspired the inner artist-child in me, one who loves Renaissance, Rococo and Baroque art, photography –– and fashion. It changed the way I view possibilities for the works I develop, as well as for other art media I’d like to pursue, such as photography and videography, and fashion design.

This experience made me realize that there are infinite possibilities to discover in life.

I learned to never be afraid to take risks. In London, I experienced a lot of firsts. Traveling internationally. First airplane flight. First tube experience. So many first tastes of different foods.

Study abroad gave me the opportunity to travel, study and experience the culture and art in London with colleagues, and to come back home with them, as family. Ever since our study abroad, I’ve kept in close touch with other Lund Scholars and people in my art study group. We follow each other on social media, see how life’s going and support each others’ wins.

In May 2023, I obtained my single subject art credentials from Fresno State and began substituting for local primary and secondary schools. For now, my plan is to gain experience with different age groups by subbing this year, then find a position as an art teacher for a local high school.

"Three Vultures" by Angel Lesnikowski, 2023

“Mariposa”, Mariah Alvarez

Aside from this, I plan on traveling more. I’m hoping to visit the Bay Area more often to go gallery hopping and visit museums. The big goal is to travel out of state and internationally, to places like Brazil, Rome, Italy, Germany, maybe India. I just want to explore more and go everywhere.

I’m an artist and art educator whose life has changed because of the Lund Scholarship. But I wouldn’t have been able to experience such an opportunity without a lot of giving. The people who support the Lund Foundation leave me speechless.

For all of this, I want to say thank you.

Mariah Alvarez is currently pursuing a full-time position as an art educator in the Fresno area while substitute teaching students in both primary and secondary grades. She graduated from Fresno State with a bachelor’s degree in art in 2023 and earned art teaching credentials in 2023, when she was distinguished as an “Outstanding Credential” honoree.

Never Stop Taking Risks: Forever Lund Scholar Mariah Alvarez’s Next Adventure is to Teach Tomorrow’s Artists

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